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To meet the requests of our clients, Stapleton Homes coordinates the design to fit the project goal from conception to completion.
  • Residential and Commercial Stick Frame Construction
  • Construction Management Services
  • Engineering: Civil, Geotechnical, and Site Design Services
  • Engineering: Stormwater Management Services

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Stick Frame Construction, Residential Development,
Construction Management, Engineering & More

In addition to construction, Stapleton Homes is also a development company that specializes in land acquisition for the primary purpose of developing residential housing. We explore land acquisition opportunities to determine if they are in an optimal location for residential growth.

Prior to acquiring land we must first complete a feasibility study which involves site investigation, survey and market analysis. Once the land is purchased, we begin the land planning stage. Our goal is to design a pleasing residential community layout in balance with the environmental needs and state/local government requirements.

At Stapleton Homes our mission throughout the development process is to minimize the disruption to the environment and maximize the preservation of wetlands, green space, etc. This balanced approach ensures survival of the local ecology while providing families with homes of their own.
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